Using the ITEX-AON network to document and understand terrestrial ecosystem change in the Arctic

The International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) – Arctic Observatory Network (AON) is a network of researchers examining the drivers of ecosystem change across Arctic landscapes. Bob and Katrina are collaborating to develop educational resources related to this project. The unit will be targeted at middle school science classes asking students to analyze, interpret, and explore vegetation data. It will also challenge students to represent their data artistically.

Learn more about the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) – Arctic Observatory Network (AON).


Participants Involved in This Project

Robert Hollister in front of mountains

Bob Hollister | Researcher Fellow

Grand Valley State University | Allendale, MI
Katrina Walker in front of water

Katrina Walker | Educator Fellow

Summit Trail Middle School | Maple Valley, WA