Submarine Basins, Steppe, and Sea Ice: Paleoclimate and Paleoecology of the Late Pleistocene and Holocene Bering Sea Shelf

The Bering Land Bridge researchers collected sediment cores from the sea floor in the Bering Sea. They are using what they find in these cores, particularly pollen grains and diatoms, to help them understand what the environment was like 25,000 years ago as the last ice age came to an end. Sarah G. and Richard helped advise Beth and Sarah F. on additional activities for their outreach events during the cruise. The team is collaborating to create lessons that compare the Bering Sea cores with samples from Hawaii where the educator team is based.

Learn more about the Bering Land Bridge project here.

View the ship to shore live event here.

Participants Involved in This Project

Beth Caissie in front of water

Beth Caissie | Researcher Fellow

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) | Menlo Park, CA
Sarah Glancy in front of a school

Sarah Glancy | Educator Fellow

University of Hawaii West Oahu | Kapolei, HI
Richard Jones outside in snow

Rick Jones | Educator Fellow

University of Hawaii West Oahu | Kapolei, HI
Sarah Fowell in a plane wearing a headset

Sarah Fowell | Fairbanks, AK

University of Alaska Fairbanks