Interactions of natural and social systems with climate change, globalization, and infrastructure development in the Arctic

This project brings together earth system scientists, engineers, ecologists, and anthropologists to document and explain changes in ecosystems and their effects on the plants, animals, indigenous peoples, and the built environment of the Arctic. It emphasizes interactions between these elements to help understand, inform, and plan for changes to come. Janice Ledgerwood and her students are working with the science team to tell the researchers’ stories through comics arts and animation. The resulting artworks will be shared with diverse audiences both in the US and Norway.

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Participants Involved in This Project

Mary Heskel outdoors

Mary Heskel | Researcher Fellow

Macalester College | Saint Paul, MN
Janice Ledgerwood in front of a tree covered in lights

Janice Ledgerwood | Educator Fellow

Clovis Community College/State Center Community College District | Fresno, CA
Aleksey Sheshukov outdoors

Aleksey Sheshukov | Researcher Fellow

Kansas State University | Manhattan, Kansas
Peter Ungar outside

Peter Ungar | Researcher Fellow

University of Arkansas | Fayetteville, AR