Follow the Water: Understanding River Discharge and Hydroclimate Dynamics in Rapidly Changing High Northern Latitudes

This project will measure multiple components of the water cycle in permafrost watersheds across a range of glacial coverages (including glacier free) in High Arctic Greenland. These data will characterize shifting river source contributions and provide critical field data needed to calibrate novel numerical hydrological models. These models will then help test river discharge hypotheses given future Arctic change under different climate scenarios (e.g., more precipitation, deeper active layer). These analyses will help understand how increased active layer flow could mitigate the hydrological impact of glacier recession and future transition to ice-free watersheds.

Participants Involved in This Project

Eric outdoors wearing a backpack

Eric Klein | Researcher Fellow

University of Alaska Anchorage | Anchorage, AK
Waverly in front of water

Waverly Ray | Educator Fellow

San Diego Mesa College | San Diego, California