Coordination, Data Management and Enhancement of the International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP), and US Interagency Arctic Buoy Programme (USIABP)

This research studies sea ice and interaction with the ocean and atmosphere and also works on the International Buoy Program. There is a test site around Utqiagvik, Alaska and for the 2024 season, work will likely take place in late March/early April. On site work will include deploying and tracking instrumentation on the sea ice and surrounding areas. This season’s work will also include a two day partnership with Hopson Middle School in Utqiagvik, Alaska where students will participate in learning about the research taking place in their community and participate in traditional activities related to the sea ice.

Participants Involved in This Project

Keegan holding purple flowers

Keegan Heron | Educator Fellow

Riverside HS, Durham Public Schools | Durham, North Carolina
Ignatius with goggles on his head

Ignatius Rigor | Researcher Fellow

University of Washington | Seattle, WA