Computational Polar ENgagement through GUided INquiry (Computational PENGUIN) - Team B

The PENGUIN (Polar ENgagement through GUided INquiry) project creates modules that engage students in working actively with polar research in a wide variety of courses. Guided by the instructor, students apply course disciplinary tools to the analysis of real-world polar data, using a computational framework such as a Jupyter Notebook. Joanna is working with Penny and Steven to create a module for her community college students in a physics class where they will explore the consequences of a summertime ice-free Arctic while learning thermodynamics concepts such as heat capacities and gaining coding skills.

Learn more about the PENGUIN project and view their current polar science modules for undergraduate classrooms.

Participants Involved in This Project

Steven Neshyba in front of a gray background

Steven Neshyba | Educator Fellow

University of Puget Sound | Tacoma, WA
Joanna Rivers in front of a white background

Joanna Rivers | Educator Fellow

Delgado Community College | New Orleans, LA
Penny Rowe outside

Penny Rowe | Researcher Fellow

NorthWest Research Associates | Seattle, WA